Chemical Innovation offer design solutions that meet industrial specific needs with technical expertise developing plastic additives, renewable polymer additive solutions that offer excellent technical performance. We combine proprietary technology with market insight to offer unique solutions for a variety of applications and processing methods.

               Plastic Recycling Solutions, our process starts with post-consumer waste. Then our team will design a solution to meet the application requirement or industrial specific needs, and then formulation and part design, prototype and application testing as well as compounding and pelletizing, while looking for opportunities to add value, improves quality and efficiency and manufacturing costs.

Additives Solution

               Chemical Innovation is the additive solution distributor in Thailand for Bioplastics compound, Bio-based compound, and also value bale recycle plastic with various applications. We provide several of additives to solve pain point with improve the properties and performance Bioplastic and Recycle plastic application which can be classified in:


I: Bioplastic and Bioplastic compound  

Additive solution


II: Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)

              Industrial recycle, post-consumer recycled (PCR) and valuable recycle, which can be classified in: