Elastoflex® MA is moisture absorbent materials. They are designed for eliminating the moisture, bubbles and porosity in plastic product and improves product quality and productivity without impacting on mechanical properties. These materials can be widely used in the PE, PP, EVA etc. and can used in ABS. We can cut off drying step in the process.


Elastoflex® also provide :

  • Improve surface appearance
  • Reduce moisture streaks or silver streaks 
  • Easy processing, can be directly added into injection or extrusion machine by dry blending.
  • Recommended dosage is 2-3 %wt

Application :

  • High filler loading such as PP woven bag, Tray, PE bag and etc.
  • High scrap and recycle loading such as garbage bag.

Selection Guide
GradeTDSMelt Flow Rate, g/10min (190°C, 2.16kg)Density, g/cm3
Elastoflex® MA65 08/02/20361.6
Elastoflex® MA65L 1.21.7