FUSABOND™ is a family of functional modified various polymers base such as PE, PP, EVA, ethylen-octene and acrylate copolymer. Typically is maleic anhydride grafting to increase bond or adhesion with different polymers for blending and high loading filler compounds.

Provides :

  • Low percentage usage (1-3%wt)
  • Various of polymer base structure such as PE, PP,  EVA, EMA and Ethylen octane
  • Excellent compatible with Polyolefin, engineering plastic and including filler as well

Application :

  • PP, PE / fiber glass composites (long and short)
  • PP, PE / Wood composites
  • PP,  PE / high filler (CaCO₃ , Talc)
  • Nylon 6,6 or Nylon 6 toughener
  • Nylon/PE blend
  • Compatibilizer for Polyolefin or Engineering plastic / Flame retardant
  • Adhesives, pipe coating and tie layer

Polymer Type: Chemically modified resins

Selection Guide
GradeTDSProduct DescriptionMAH Graft LevelDensity, g/cm^3Melt Flow Rate (190°C/2.16kg)Melting Point (DSC), °CMeximum Processing Temperature, °C
FUSABOND ® E226 Anhydride modified polyethyleneHigh0.931.75120290
FUSABOND M603 Random ethylene copolymerVery High0.9425108260
FUSABOND ® P353 Chemically modified polypropylene copolymerVery High0.90422.4135300
FUSABOND ® P613 Anhydride modified polypropyleneMedium0.903120162300
FUSABOND ® A560 Chemically modified ethylene acrylate copolymerHigh0.935.694260
FUSABOND ® E158 Anhydride modified polyethylene-0.9271.8128290
FUSABOND ® E564 Anhydride modified polyolefin resinMedium0.9274114290
FUSABOND ® E588 Anhydride modified polyethyleneMedium0.931.75120290
FUSABOND ® E589 Anhydride modified polyethyleneMedium0.9242119250
FUSABOND ® C190 Anhydride modified ethylene vinyl acetate copolymerHigh0.951671260
FUSABOND ® C250 Modified ethylene vinyl acetate copolymerVery High0.9621.471230
FUSABOND ® E100 Anhydride modified high density polyethyleneHigh0.9542134300
FUSABOND ® E265 Anhydride modified high density polyethyleneHigh0.9512131290
FUSABOND ® E528 Anhydride modified polyethyleneVery High0.9226.7114300
FUSABOND ® N416 Chemically modified ethylene elastomerHigh0.8692343285
FUSABOND ® N493 Anhydride modified ethylene copolymerMedium0.871.650290
FUSABOND ® N525 Anhydride modified ethylene copolymerHigh0.883.754290
FUSABOND ® N598 Anhydride modified ethylene copolymerMedium0.87252290