Entira AS is a permanent antistatic that provides excellent surface resistivity although low relative humidity (RH) weather and designed easy to conventional process.

Entira AS grades provide:

  • Immediate action
  • Transparency, and smooth surface appearance, when blended with polyolefins
  • Non-yellowing in the final product
  • Effectiveness in filled polyolefins
  • Easy processing, can be directly added to the extruder using a dry blend
  • Can be used in a discrete layer without migrating to other layers
  • No known negative effects on printability, adhesion, etc.
  • They are generally used at addition levels from 10% to 20%.

Application :

  • Permanent antistatic packaging
  • Tray for electronic part
  • Anti-dust packaging
  • Cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging

Polymer Type: Permanent antistatic additive

Selection Guide
GradeDensity, g/cm^3Melt Flow Rate (190°C/2.16kg)Melting Point (DSC), °CFreezing Point (DSC), °CVicat Softening Point, °CMeximum Processing Temperature, °C
Entira™ AS MK4000.971916159250
Entira™ AS SD1000.9855926463210