Elvamide nylon multipolymer resin are thermoplastic polyamides that combine the inherent toughness of nylon with ease of processing in solvent as well as melt systems

Elvamide provides :

  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to Nylon yarn
  • High tensile strength and elongation
  • Toughness at high and low temperatures
  • Alkali resistance

Application :

  • Nylon modification
  • Increasing toughness of Nylon yarn

Polymer Type: Thermoplastic polyamides

Selection Guide
GradeTDSSpecific Gravity, kg/m^3Hardness, Rockwell, Scale RTensile Strength, MPaFlexural Modulus, MPaElongation at break, %Water Absorption Immersion 24 h, %Melting Point, ° C
ELVAMIDE ® 8061 1.0871519503203.1156
ELVAMIDE ® 8063 1.087151.79033153.4158