Elastotech® AR, AP : Aramid Fiber masterbatch are contained of Aramid Fiber in Polymer carriers.

  • Elastotech AR is Aramid Fiber in Natural rubber
  • Elastotech AP is Aramid Fiber in Processing aid and elastomers

The Aramid fiber has a unique combination of high strength, high modulus, toughness and thermal stability. But the fiber is difficult to disprese in rubber compound. The masterbatch is designed to get good dispersion, easy to process and compatible with many kind of rubber like NR, NBR, EPDM and CR. The masterbatch facilitate aramid fibre to be aligned in rubber compound during processing which keeps the aramid fiber to preform it’s excellent performance in rubber compounds.


  • Easy to process, Good dispersion in rubber compounds
  • Compatible with many kinds of rubber like NR, NBR, EPDM and CR
  • Enhance aramid fibre to perform in high modulus and give product longer durability
  • Also good in Grip and lower in tan ᵟ with the proper formulation design after adding the aramid fiber masterbatch
  • Dosage only 1-3% fiber in rubber compounds.


  • Tire, Bicycle tire and Traction tire
  • Belt
  • Bush
  • Hose
  • Footwear
  • Roller and etc.

Selection Guide
GradeTDSAppearanceMooney Viscosoty (ML 1+4 100C), MUSpecific Gravity
Elastotech® AR23 Yellow color sheet47-531.00 ± 0.02
Elastotech® AP40 Yellow-green color sheet25-351.00 ±0.02