Elastoflex® AW65 and AW50 are anti warpage masterbatch.  They are designed for improving the dimensional stability and reducing warpage of the olefin product. This material can be used in the semi crystalline polyolefin such as PP PE.

Elastoflex® AW65 and AW50 grades provide :

  • Reduce percent shrinkage
  • Reduce warpage
  • Provides excellent flexural modulus and shrinkage 

   properties while maintain tensile strength

  • FDA approval
  • Recommended dosage is 5-10 %wt

Application :

  • Injection parts such as  cap, basket and plastic container.
  • Extrusion and thermoforming parts such as luggage tray

Selection Guide
GradeTDSMelt Flow Rate, g/10min (190°C, 2.16kg)Density, g/cm3Hardness, Shore DFlexural modulus, MPa
Elastoflex® AW50 0.11.4542000
Elastoflex® AW65 6.61.7--