Cyrez® is Hexamethoxy Methyl Melamine (HMMM) which is used as crosslinker for adhesion promoting or reinforcing system in rubber application, especially tire application. Cyrez is methylene donor that is used in conjunction with methylene acceptors such as phenolic resin like Alnovol from Allnex or resorcinol.


  • No skin irritation
  • No amine or ammonia by-product
  • Better scorch protection than provided by methylene donor like hexamethylene tetramine (Hexa or HMT)
  • No corrosive effects on steel and brass/bronze coated steel
  • Dispereses readily
  • Low dust level
  • Good flowing properties


Chemical name:Hexamethoxymethyl melamine resin

Selection Guide
GradeTDSCharacteristicsContent of HMMM Content of ash, %Carrier TypePropertiesUses
CYREZ ® 964 RPC Hexamethoxymethyl melamine resin (HMMM)31-35Precipitated amorphous silicaGood flow ability, easily dispesibleCuring agent for resorcinol and novolac resin