Alnovol® is non-self crosslinked modified phenol novolac resin which is used in reinforcement of rubber as well as adhesion promoter between rubber and textile or steel cord in tire application.

Advantages of Alnovol® as adhesion promoter:

  • Environmental friendly, no odor and no fuming
  • Replace resorcinol and resorcinol formaldehyde based resin
  • Reducing  cobalt content
  • Improve aging properties
  • Good adhesion properties

Influencesof Alnovol® as reinforcing resin to rubber compounds:

  • Increase in hardness, stress and modulus values
  • Reduce Mooney viscosity
  • Good processing properties
    • High filler loading
    • Partial substitution of oil
    • Long scorch time
  • Improve reversion resistance
  • Improve resistance to thermal/mechanical aging
  • Dimensional stability of extruded compound

Polymer Type: Phenolic resin

Selection Guide
GradeTDSCharacteristicsDynamic viscosity 50% in Methoxy propanol, mPasSoftening Point Ring&Ball, °CContent of Free Phenol, %Melting Interval, °CColour ScaleDensity, g/cm^3
ALNOVOL ® PN 320 Non-self-curing phenol novolac1400-2200108-120< 0.379-89<=91.2
ALNOVOL ® PN 760 Functionalized phenolic resin800-180095-115< 1.080--
ALNOVOL ® PN 1132Modified non-self-curing phenolic novolac100-600115-155< 1.0---
ALNOVOL ® UF 410 Carbamic resin3500-13500-----