Active Plus+™ Slip and Anti Block is designed for using with polyolefins film which reduces  adhesion between films layers and make it’s easy to separate films. There are two mechanisms of action, Slip action and anti block. During processing, fatty acid amides is solubilized in the amorphous melt when the polymer cools and crystalline the fatty acid amide is squeezed out forming a lubricant layer at polymer surface for reduce friction. And anti block will reduce blocking force between layers  as it enables air to pass between layers of film and reduces the vacuum.

Advantages of Active Plus+™ :

  • Improvement in openability
  • Reduce adhesion of film layers
  • Not causing gel on film
  • Suitable for food contact application (FDA)

Applications :

  • film polyolefins polymer with blow molding and cast film process.

Selection Guide
GradeMelt Flow Index, g/10minDensity, g/cm 3Slip, %Antiblock, %Recommeded dosage, %wt
Active Plus™ SB 31L20.965.56.70.5-2
Active Plus™ SB 32L1.7111140.5-1