Elastoflex® 0212F super masterbatch is a processing aid masterbatch which excellent compatible with polyolefin film, sheet and profile application. Elastoflex® 0212F provides production rate increase, productivity improvement, melt fracture elimination, extrusion pressure decrease, extrusion torque reduction, and elasticity and toughness improvement.

Elastoflex® 0212F provides :

  • Eliminate melt fracture
  •  Reduce die deposit
  •  Increase output
  •  Low percent using : 2% wt


  •  PP woven bag

Selection Guide
GradeTDSMelt Flow Rate, g/10min (190°C, 2.16kg)Density, g/cm3Tensile Strength at Break, MPaElongation at Break, %
Elastoflex® 0212F SUPER MASTERBATCH 1.51.1217>800