About US
Chemical Innovation Co.,Ltd was established in 1985. It is the original unit of Innovation Group to distribute the world’s leading elastomer, chemical, plastics and plastics modifies such as DowDuPont, Chemours, Kuraray, IRPC, SCG, PTT PM and etc.

Our dynamic team will stay involve in product development while research is conducted and react according to the customers’ requirements timely and regularity.

Products Recommend
Elastoflex® AW65 and AW50 are anti warpage masterbatch.  They are designed for improving the dimensional stability and reducing warpage of the olefin product. This material can be used in the semi crystalline polyolefin.
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Elastoflex® MA65 and MA65L are moisture absorbent materials. They are designed for eliminating the moisture, bubbles and porosity in plastic product and improves product quality and productivity without impacting on mechanical properties. Read more ..
Elastoflex AR, AP
Elastoflex AR, AP: Aramid Fiber masterbatch are contained of Aramid Fiber in Polymer carriers.Elastoflex AR is Aramid Fiber in Natural rubber Elastoflex AP is Aramid Fiber in Processing aid and elastomers
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